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My favorite animal is a cormorant. One of the only animals to be able to walk, swim and fly with ease.

I've never owned a car.

I grew up in a vegetarian household but I have always been a meat eater.

I don't know how to blow a bubble with bubblegum. I don't plan on learning.

When abroad, I miss classic American diner breakfast more than almost anything (food-wise, that is).

When I was little and asked what my wishes would be if a magic genie appeared, the only one I remember saying is "speak every language in the world."

I've traveled extensively internationally, but my 8 years in Chicago afforded me the ability to finally travel my own country. I've now been to 36 states.

I believe that Turkish cuisine is the most highly underrated cuisine in the world.

My last meal would be a super burrito from Gordo Taqueria in Berkelely.

I fall asleep most nights to the Stephen Fry Harry Potter audiobook series.

Since living in Colombia, seeing a Mountain Tapir has become my ultimate goal.

Arrested Development is based on the lives of distant cousins of mine.

Being with puffins in the wild was perhaps the most peaceful I've ever been.

I, sometimes annoyingly and too often, reference Seinfeld in social settings.

If I see something has eggplant in it, I usually order it.

Uruguay is the most underrated country in the world.

 I had planned on staying 6 months.

The best way to get me to want to travel somewhere is tell me the citizens of that place are my enemy - something I simply do not buy into. This is why Iran and Russia should be on everyone's lists to see for yourself that they are not our enemies, in fact, they are most likely incredibly lovely and warm.

I love playing backgammon.

I am a big Oakland A's fan and am almost brought to tears when watching any sort of recap of the 20 game win streak. Bonus: I was at games 17, 18, 19, and 20.

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