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It’s a challenging exercise to try to boil down 35 years of living into a few sentences, but the below gives an idea of what I’m most proud of.

I speak English, French and Spanish fluently. I speak decent Portuguese as well. I love languages. I love connecting people with other people that should know each other. It’s one of my all-time greatest joys. I make art. I take photos. I make music. I love people. I worked for two years as a nightlife photographer in Argentina. I co-founded and sold a footwear company in less than 10 years. I love getting my hands dirty and am willing to do whatever it takes to help companies continue their journeys. I helped raise nearly $30 million for the first company I ever founded. I’m on Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

I’ve lived in four countries (United States, France, Argentina, and Colombia). I don’t have a resumé that follows a linear path, and I’m proud of that. I’m interested in a multitude of subjects and if I had to describe myself in one word, it’d be “curious”.

I think we’d get along. We should work together.



Jason Peterson - Creative Director/Founder of The Times

If I had to describe Aaron in one word, it’d be “connector”. He has an amazing ability to get people who otherwise wouldn’t know each other in the same room. It’s an unteachable talent and he rarely misses, both in professional and social situations.


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